Cineformat transfers movies to DCP disks and 35mm motion picture film. Cineformat sells custom designed non-linear film editing workstations and offers consultancy in theatrical entertainment.

About Cineformat

Cineformat is a theatrical projection and motion picture archiving service. We serve filmmakers and cinema theatre owners anywhere in the world, and enable them project their creative media on a silverscreen.

Cineformat studios work with both Digital and Analogue formats.

Cineformat will format, transcode and transfer any analogue and digital media for theatrical release, whether it is for a single cinema hall or destined for multiple global silverscreens. We also test all DCP disks and 35mm prints on our in-house projectors.

Cineformat is located in The Netherlands (EU/EEA/Schengen), from where we serve our clients around the world.

You can always reach us via email, telephone, video chat and on social media.
Tel: +31-(0)84-003-9706
Cell: +31-(0)64-723-3100
Skype ID: Cineformat

Cineformat Features

Maximum 8K

Shoot your motion picture in 70mm, 8K, 6K & 4K. Cineformat can handle multiple analogue & digital formats.


Cineformat will author your commercial retail release in 4K Blu-Ray, Standard HD Blu-Ray or DVD.

Analogue to Digital

Cineformat has the facilities to convert analogue movies shot on 16mm, 35mm, 65mm, 70mm to Digital formats

200 Years Archiving

Cineformat will restore and transfer any old but significant recording onto a 35mm print for long-term archiving.

Digital Cinema Package

Cineformat has the facilities to convert any source material to a theatrical release format in 2K, 4K and Stereoscopic.

Friendly Staff

We at Cineformat LOVE motion picture and go the extra mile to service all your needs regarding movie logistics.

Cineformat Services

Send us your multimedia in 8K, 6K, 4K, 2K, HD, SD, 70mm, 65mm, 35mm, 16mm, Super 8mm, 8mm & HD, SD and VHS. We will format, transcode and tranfer it to DCP Cinema release, BluRay Disc or 35mm film with sound. Choose below:

DCP Release

  • Theatrical 4K DCP release

  • Includes CineDISX™ Storage

  • Tested on DCP Cinema Server

  • Worldwide Insured Shipping

35mm Print

  • Sharpest 35mm release print

  • Transfer from digital video

  • SR Spatial Stereo audio

  • Worldwide Insured Shipping


  • Archive media on 35mm film

  • 200 Years shelf life

  • Secure metal casing

  • Digital reference disk

Subtitles / Captions

  • Active / Non-Active Subtitles

  • Active Captioning

  • On-Disc and On-Media

  • Multiple Languages

Language Translation

  • Language transcribing

  • Language translation

  • Vocal translation

  • Textual translation

Interactive Authoring

  • Web interaction UI/UX

  • In-Vehicle interaction UI/UX

  • BluRay interaction UI/UX

  • Augmented Reality

Our Customers

Businesses who have used our products and services.

Cineformat Team

We are a group of very skilled individuals.


Sal is the manager of Cineformat. He is responsible for the smooth operations of the laboratory and studio.


Laurel is the lab technician and responsible for carefully processing and transfering all films.


Stefan is the operations manager and works to secure all projects, materials and service level relationships.


Thomas is the digital intermediary and video guy. He handles all digital and analogue formats.


Mike is our software and hardware engineering pro. He builds and repairs Cineformat’s NLE suites.


Anil is our technical engineer. He is the lead designer of Cineformat’s NLE suites and other products.

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